High Voltage Integration

In Progress, updates pending.  Check back often.

After shipping the car to StealthEV, we first took another look at the battery layout and determined that we could fit 4 modules in the front of the car on top of motor.  This will help balance the weight better front-to-back and hopefully reduce understeer.

gallery/front battery mock-up
gallery/front controller placement

The RMS controllers will then fit on top of the front battery box with minimal modification to the hood required.

gallery/front battery box-2

The front battery box was then designed and ordered for fabrication.

gallery/battery racks

Since we are able to place 4 modules in the front of the car instead of just 2, the smaller bottom rack behind the front seats will be used to house the 3 brusa chargers instead.  The remaining 12 modules will be housed in sets of 3 within individual battery boxes.

gallery/rear battery box-cropped
gallery/modules with bms-1

In the mean time the BMS controllers where installed on each battery module.

gallery/modules with bms-2