The Evolution of a 1962 Volvo P1800 into an electric supercar

The following pages detail the build, testing and refinement of the car, on our way to SEMA 2019 and beyond.  As the name implies this car will continue to evolve as I drive and race the car.  The Build History page gives a chronological overview of the car's transformation.  If you are interested in learning more please check back frequently or consider following me on Twitter (#Evolvproject) and/or Facebook (@EvolvProject).  If you wish to contact me, please fill in the contact form linked above.  I am always interested in your comments, and of course any interest in sponsorship is most welcome.


-Mark Lupher, Jr.

Designer, owner, driver and dreamer

"Don't drive the ordinary, Evolv to something better"

THE GOAL:   to build a highly customized and stylized GT car with performance on par with modern supercars, utilizing a fully electric high-performance drive train and starting with a classic P1800.  In fact, the only part of the original P1800 that I am utilizing is the body shell and even that has been highly modified.  Once complete, I expect the car to have cornering capabilities close to 1g, acceleration from 0-to-60 mph less that 3.5s, a top speed greater than 150 mph, and an electric range of >300 miles per charge.  The car will also incorporate modern technologies such as adaptive suspension and traction control and conveniences such as AC, power rack-and-pinion steering and power disc brakes.  Weight balance with an electric power train will be a challenge, but is expected to be rear biased similar to a modern Audi R8 RWS or Porsche GT3 at 40% front and 60% rear.  I fully intend to race the car in regional SCCA autocross and ultimately hope to be competitive in ProSolo competition.

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